Ivy (Stella) Nugent - Keyboards

Born and raised in  Brooklyn, Ivy has performed all over the US, and  in parts of Canada and Mexico. After going to Woodstock in 1969 she moved to San Francisco and then eventually Seattle where she created several bands each performing different styles of music. She gathers inspiration from Monk, Jobim, Herbie Hancock, The Grateful Dead and bands of the 70's.

Jamie Nugent - Clarinet

Originally from Washington state, Jamie graduated from last chair clarinet to first chair in only 50 years. Benny Goodman came to him in a dream and told him to pick up that licorice stick and blow, man, blow. Since then he has performed in the US, Canada and Mexico. He's also our resident sea captain and blacksmith (but not into heavy metal). 

Julian Weisman.jpeg

Julian Weisman - Bass

Julian was drawn to the upright bass for its thump and vital rhythmic role in music. For an education, he thanks the Litchfield Jazz Camp, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, New England Conservatory, and his beloved private teachers, Joe Salamone, Dave Santoro and Cecil McBee. He has student taught at Litchfield Jazz Camp and Harvard University, and performed with Don Braden, Jason Palmer, Yoron Israel, Jacob Collier, etc.


Martin Budde.jpg

Martin Budde - Guitar

Melissa Brewer - Vocals

Martino Goldstein - Percussion

Mexico Musicians


Jorge Díaz - Bass

Jorge Díaz, was born in Mexico. His first contact with the electric bass was at the age of 12, from there he began to be part of various styles in music such as rock, blues and jazz. He also has a career in circus that makes a perfect match with music and performing arts! 


Titillo García - Drums

Titillo lives in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico where he plays in different musical projects such as Cucumber Salsa from Argentina, Saoko Salsa Mexico, Roots Paradise Reggae, and Jazz Pancho Quartet. He has performed in important festivals and stages in Mexico City as well as the Vallarta Mezcal festival.